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When I was going to Kent State a friend of mine from robotics club contacted me requesting help with a product idea. He needed someone to help design the enclosure that will house the electrical components that he designed. Since we didn't have a lot of capital to work with our process for manufacturing was limited to 3D printing.


We needed a case that was 3D printer friendly, meaning it had to print in a reasonable amount of time, use the least amount of material as possible, etc. The case also had to be as compact as possible since we didn't want the device to be taking up too much desk space and overall the case had to be visually pleasing to the consumer. After many variations and designs we finally came to the case you are viewing here. 

You can view the product's website here to get an idea of what the function of the device is.

The images featured above were made in Autodesk Inventor. However, the desk and computer was not drawn by me but was simply edited and modified to fit the environment I created for the Electrig to be viewed in. You can also view the interactive 3D environment below and also see the 2D layout of the case.

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