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Drone Two //


This drone is modeled off of a project from one of my 3D modeling classes a few years ago. At the time I purchased the center brackets for $5 for the chance I may build it one day and it turns out that is what I ended up doing:

Since I had a lot of remaining components from my first drone I only had to buy a few parts(4 motors and a flight controller).

Next, I fabricated the frame of the drone by cutting a carbon fiber tube and drilling holes into the locations needed for the brackets and motors.

From there I needed to build a landing skid. I used a dowel rod and my 3D printer to build a landing skid. The versions you see pictured are test prints. I have made some design changes since the time of the pictures. I also included some springs inside of the landing skid to achieve a smoother landing.(I will upload more pictures at future date when I finish the landing skid.

What makes this drone different? 

To me it isn't the application but the fact that most of the drone was fabricated by me and not from off the shelf parts. This made the project more fun and I cant wait to complete it and take it out to fly.

The drawings and animation was done in solid edge

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